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“Wildly entertaining and brilliantly clever parody”  
– Jon Sobel,

“The nerdiest Trekker, the lifelong theater kid, and the newest arrival to the fandom will all laugh until their sides get sore.”  
– Dénes House,

“I heard one woman say earnestly at the end of the performance that she was laughing so hard she was almost choking.”  
– Greg Erhardt, 

“Star Wars fans be advised, even you will be entertained. In the words of a Trek villain worse than Khan, resistance is futile." 
– Stanford Friedman, The Front Row Center 

“A well-acted, well-sung 2 hours and 15 minutes of solid entertainment!” 
– Scotty Bennet,

“Those who have a passing knowledge of Star Trek will get a kick out of it, especially if you’re a musical theatre fan and love a good parody show” 
– Tim Leininger of the Journal Inquirer ("One Man's Opinion" reviews)  

“The cast is phenomenal, the songs are snappy, and the script is both hilarious and respectful of the source material. At one point, it will even bring a tear to your eye.” 
– T. Rick Jones, Daily Star Trek News 

“It’s a must-see for Trekkies!” 
Trek Untold podcast

“[Trekkies], you probably won’t ever laugh as hard as you will watching this, and I bet you’ll want to see it multiple times.” 
– Greg Erhardt,

Khan!!! The Musical! is a grand entertainment for Trekkies.” 
–Darryl Reilly, 

“I’m not sure how big the overlap is the Venn diagram of Trekkies and musical theater fans, but Khan!!! seems to have found the sweet spot.” 
– Thom Geier, 

“Khan!!! has all the best ingredients of a cult classic, so we can only hope that this limited engagement will be extended well into the future it so masterfully lampoons!” 
– Deb Miller, DC Theater Arts 

“This show has no right to be this good…pure joy!”  
– Nicole Jesson, Theatre Beyond Broadway